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2605 W 70 1/2 STREET, RICHFIELD, MN 55423



Yehuda R. Polter, Superintendent



  • Burial Lot $3500/lot

    • Perpetual care maintenance is included with all new lot purchases.
    • Acquiring a burial lot is referred to as a "right of burial". Title to the land is not acquired.

  • Perpetual care maintenance $ 1000/lot

    (unless collected at time of lot purchase)

    • Perpetual care maintenance includes mowing and general grounds maintenance.
    • Perpetual care does NOT include maintenance to monuments or memorials.
    • Monuments and memorials are the property of those that purchased them. Cemetery is not responsible for damage or upkeep.
    Lawn maintenance - Note, this cemetery does not have a full property irrigation system. Therefore, grass can sometimes take up to 3+ years before it is fully re-established over newly dug graves. Grass growth is dependent on natural rainfall and temperature.

  • Opening and closing $ 2200
  • Foundation installation $ 1000

    (per burial - not optional, Required for all burials)

  • MN sales tax 7.525% on foundation $ 75.25
  • Chapel usage $ 400 (optional)
  • Snow removal or frost $ 400 (seasonal)
  • Monument maintenance fee* $ 400

    * This charge applies if a foundation under a double monument already exists prior to January 1, 2014, and there is no need to install a new foundation. Or if for other reason a memorial foundation is not required. Fee also applies to upright veteran monuments where a cement foundation may not be needed. Veteran monuments are generally installed directly into the ground. The monument maintenance fee is used at the cemetery's discretion for general upkeep of old and older monuments where no family member can be identified to take responsibility for care of a monument (or marker).

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Reach Out to us

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